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Texaco (The Texas Company), founded in Beaumont, Texas, as the Texas Fuel Company in 1901, to exploit the Spindletop oil discovery, and which grew to be the most prominent independent national petroleum purveyor, with outlets in all 50 states, as well as Canada, operated a service station on the northwest corner of College Avenue and Keowee Trail from probably the late 1950s (confirmation pending additional research) into the early 1970s in Clemson, South Carolina. It closed by about 1975. In 1959, Texaco changed its name from the Texas Co., to Texaco, Inc.. In 2001, Texaco was merged into Chevron Corp., with the brand continuing to be marketed in 2012, albeit not in Clemson.

The former service station is now home to Papa John's Pizza in Clemson.

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