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  • 1948: "Dr. Lee Milford reported this morning [March 4] that he was 'highly pleased' with the condition of Rudolph Anderson [sic], textile engineering senior from Greenville, who fell from the third floor of the second barracks about seven thirty last night. Dr. Milford said that Anderson rested 'very comfortably' last night, and that he was ready to take food. The college physician said that young Anderson was suffering from laceration of the right forehead, complete dislocation of the right wrist, and a fractured pelvis bone. As far as can be determined, no internal injuries are prevalent.
It is understood that the student was chasing a pigeon down the hall of the third floor of the second barracks, and was unable to stop at [sic] the bird flew out the window. Several witnesses said that he hit the eaves that protrude over the door of second barracks, breaking his fall, and saving him from more serious injuries. He was conscious when arriving at the college hospital, and was able to identify himself.
Dr. Milford said that it was a miracle that Anderson escaped with the injuries he obtained. The gangplank that he finally came to rest on is constructed of iron and concrete. The college physician further stated that Anderson had a good chance to recover provided nothing unforeseen turned up.
(The Tiger, "Rudolph Anderson Is In 'Good Condition' ", Thursday 4 March 1948, Volume XXXXI, Number 19, page 1.)
Subsequently, The Tiger reported on Thursday, March 11, "A few days ago the president's office received the following message on a card post-marked Greenville:
'I read in the paper that one of your distinguished senior students fell out of a third story window while chasing a pigeon down the hall. It did not state whether he caught the pigeon or not. This has me worried because I have often wondered whether a Clemson man is capable of catching a pigeon or not.
'Yours truly,
A Cute Pigeon'"
  • 1972: The recruiting arm of the U.S. Marine Corps brings a helicopter to campus.
  • 1985: Dean Cox, vice president for student affairs, announces that a search will begin next week for athletic director Bill McLellan's successor. Shortly, Cox indicates that acting director Bobby Robinson is the frontrunner. ((Wunder, John R., "A Good Sport: Walter Thompson Cox, 1985-1986", McKale, Donald M., editor, "Tradition: A History of the Presidency of Clemson University", Mercer University Press, Macon, Georgia, 1988, ISBN 0-86554-296-1, page 256, citing The Greenville News, Greenville, South Carolina, 3 March 1985.)
  • 1989: The Tiger publishes C. Mark Sublette's op-ed piece about the dangers of trestle trespassing on page 5 ("Trestle walking tempting, too dangerous to attempt").
  • 1995: Opening night for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe presented at the Pendleton Playhouse. Switch plays at McP's, Chilly Water is at the Esso Club, DSF Earth Corps is at Backstreets, and Five-Eight plays at the Masquerade in Atlanta.
  • 2005: The Clemson Wiki is created as an off-shoot of ClemsonTalk.
  • 2009: "It's Not Polite to Talk About It: Money and Financial Topics from the Holdings of CU Libraries' Special Collections", 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., call 864-656-0665 for more information. CU Symphonic Band performs in the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts, 8 p.m., free admission. Call 864-656-7787 for more information, or go to

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