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RadioFlag is an internet clearinghouse for college and independent radio stations across the continent the intent of which is to highlight independent talent and music that commercial radio no longer offers. RadioFlag's history is rooted in College Radio, launching on April 4, 2011, from the University of California, Irvine, and campus station KUCI-FM.

WSBF-FM is a RadioFlag member.


From the RadioFlag blog:

"A song once told us of how 'Video Killed the Radio Star' Well RadioFlag believes Radio Stars are still shining brighter than ever. The Radio Star Blog searches the airwaves for Radio Stars we believe deserve to be spotlighted for all to see and hear. These are the Stars you may not have ever heard of yet, but will want to tune into once our writers find them, and tell you the story. These Stars are new up and coming artists discovered on internet, indie, community and college radio. They are found and heard in small towns, streaming from far away remote places, and on college campuses. These Stars are the cutting edge DJ's with a real eye for talent, brave enough to play the genres and showcase the artists you should and deserve to hear, almost never heard on most mainstream stations. These Stars are the Radio Hosts who will offer new ideas, discuss topics and offer opinions most stations would never dare explore. So, Join the Social Network for a New Generation of Radio Listeners, and help Save The Radio Star !"

The Radio Star Awards

In the spring of 2012, RadioFlag is sponsoring the first Radio Star Awards.

- 24/7, elevating its voices and fresh and original content to a larger listening audience, while still 'keeping it real.' So we are announcing we have elected not to participate as the official app of College Radio Day. RadioFlag instead prefers to enable College Radio Stations more flexibility, further empowering them to more efficiently connect with each other and a growing listening audience - maximizing College Radio's reach, impact, and ability to effectively achieve its long term goals. By strategically leveraging 21st century technology, including RadioFlag's expanding social and marketing channels, emerging partnerships, and new features and platforms, all designed with College Radio in mind, and by working together - our vision of 'Free Form Radio' ruling the airwaves once again, will be the 'New Radio Reality.'"

WSBF nominations

  • Best Talk Show - Welcome to Reality with RealityDoug
  • Best Artist - Jordan Young Music with Jordan Young
  • Best Music Show - 54/40 or Bust with Burrow T. Klown
  • Best Variety Show - Live Sessions with Chris Tollack
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