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1931 in Clemson History

Notable Alumni

Events that occurred in 1931:

  • Louis Henry, future Clemson English professor and advisor to The Tiger is born in Clemson, S.C.
  • The Clemson Little Theatre begins as a reading group.
  • Clemson's student chapter of A.S.A.E., a branch of the national organization, is organized. (TAPS, 1943, page 388.)
  • 1930-1931: The first golf team is created, with the assistance of Alan McCrary Johnstone.
  • January 1: Senior reserve guard and future Clemson head coach Frank Howard plays on Coach Wallace Wade's Alabama team in 24-0 defeat of Washington State in the Rose Bowl.
  • January 2: After reconsidering his decision to depart Clemson for over a month, Coach Josh Cody makes his resignation final.
  • January 17: Jess Neely is named new head football coach, the second consecutive Vanderbilt graduate to hold the position. Cody was class of 1917, Neely, class of 1923. In fact, eight of nine Clemson head coaches between 1931 and 1998 are graduates of current SEC schools.
  • February 6: Sophomore Dance held.
  • February 27: Mid-winter Dance held.
  • March 20: Athletic Ball held.
  • April 17: TAPS Ball held.
  • May 8: Junior-Senior Dance held.
  • May 29-June 1: Finals Dance.
  • September 25: Clemson ties Presbyterian in home opener on Riggs Field, 0-0.
  • October 3: Tennessee shuts out the Tigers, 0-44, in Knoxville.
  • October 10: Clemson gets the only win of the season against North Carolina State, 6-0, in a match played in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • October 16: Clemson loses to the Citadel, 0-6, in a game played in Florence, South Carolina. After the game, Captain Frank Jervey, Assistant Coach Joe Davis, and Captain Pete Heffner discuss forming an alumni athletic booster club. This is the genesis of what will become in IPTAY in 1934.
  • October 20: The Tigers are defeated by the Gamecocks, 0-21, in Columbia.
  • October 31: Oglethorpe defeats Clemson on Riggs Field, 0-12.
  • November 7: VMI drops the Tigers, 6-7, in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • November 14: In a game played in Montgomery, Alabama, Clemson is drubbed by Alabama, 7-74. Bama will finish the season 9-1. This will remain the Tigers' worst loss until FSU blanks Clemson, 0-57, on September 11, 1993.
  • November 26: The Tigers conclude a 1-6-2 season, tieing Furman, 0-0, in Greenville.

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