The Bengal Tiger / Daawat Indian Cuisine

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The Bengal Tiger and Daawat Indian Cuisine was a bar and restaurant that took over the closed location of The Den on Keith Street in Clemson, and which lasted just shy of a year in operation. A pool table, darts, and a foosball table were available. Several large screen t.v.s were available for sports watching.

The Bengal Tiger represented the bar portion of the operation and featured a DJ-hosted dance floor. Karaoke was planned to be offered on certain nights but never came to pass. Other tentative plans included a movie night on Tuesdays, and Salsa and Bollywood on alternating Wednesday nights.

Daawat Indian Cuisine was a buffet-style restaurant, with a sub menu and a full course menu offered beginning in February 2011. The menu reflected all types of Indian cuisine including Tandoori dishes. Breads were baked fresh on premises.

Beginning in January 2011, Bengal Tiger featured a 50s singles mixer dinner on Thursdays, an opportunity for older singles in the area to meet and greet in a hospitable environment. A DJ played period music. This event never gathered sufficient response and was discontinued by the end of spring semester 2011.

Other planned events included a battle of the DJs, and a book-launching party in February.

The resignation/walk-out of most of Bengal Tiger's bartenders and manager in early March 2011 was not an encouraging sign for the operation. The business hung on through the starting week of the fall semester of 2011, but when, on the first Friday night that students returned in August, there were only a dozen or so patrons when other bars in downtown were packed, the handwriting was on the wall. A two-day music festival named AWESuM Fest II, planned for August 26-August 27, stupidly competing against Spittoono XXXI, would prove to be the swan song for the Bengal Tiger and Daawat as the business had received a vacation of premises notice ten days prior. The business locked its doors on Friday night, August 26, and did not reopen on Saturday. The business owed some $10,000 to the landlord, some $6,000 in liquor bills, as well as back wages to employees. They also reportedly failed to take out tax withholdings as required by the Internal Revenue Service, nor file the correct W-2/W-4 paperwork.

The space will now be taken over by the two partners who operate Croc's Sports & Spirits in Greenville, as well as several other successful enterprises. It will be called Croc's Sports & Wings.


The Bengal Tiger / Daawat Indian Cuisine
101 Keith Street
Clemson, SC 29631-1590