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Earle Street is a three-block long mixed business and residential street in downtown Clemson, South Carolina. It is named for the Earle family that owned large tracts of land in the area, including that upon which University Village is now located.

Earle Street is one-way, eastbound, between College Avenue and McCollum Street.

Earle Street runs primarily east-west from a T-intersection with College Avenue and is business oriented in the first block to a T-intersection with McCollum Street on the north side. Backstreets and Overtime occupy the northwest corner. A new business, the All In Coffee Shop, opened in the next block on the north side on April 21, 2012.

The eastern two blocks of Earle Street, with a T-intersection with Finley Street to the north, are primarily residential with stand alone dwellings and apartment blocks, most of which date to the 1940s. The house at 107 Earle Street was built in 1940, while the now-removed apartment block at 109 Earle Street was erected in 1973. The Rooplex at 113 Earle Street is also vintage ~1940. The Ibrahim family owns the properties at 105 and 109 Earle Street.<ref></ref>

At the east end of Earle Street, the road turns northeast to become the one-block long Foy Creek Drive, which has no other outlet.

As of the spring of 2012, the face and character of Earle Street is facing a major change. The residential properties along the north side of the street from McCollum Street eastward to the Rooplex are apparently about to be consolidated, and it is the view of the Clemson Wiki that a hitherto unannounced residential complex will go in on the combined four parcels, one of which is already vacant, at 109 Earle, an apartment block that was razed in September 2010.

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