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The Board of Trustees is the 13 member governing body of Clemson University. The board consists of seven self-perpetuating life members, and six members elected by the state legislature.

Thomas Green Clemson named the first seven board members, and established the procedures for their election in item two of his will.

Item 2 of Thomas Green Clemson's Will

Item 2. The following named gentlemen, seven in number, shall be seven of the Board of Trustees, to wit:
R. W. Simpson, D. K. Norris, M. L. Donaldson, R. E. Bowen, B. R. Tillman, J. E. Wannamaker and J. E. Bradley, and the State, if it accepts the donation, shall never increase the board of trustees to a number greater than thirteen in all, nor shall the duties of said board be taken away or conferred upon any other man or body of men. The seven trustees appointed by me shall always have the right, and the power is hereby given them and their successors, which right the legislature shall never take away or abridge, to fill all vacancies which may occur in their number by death, resignation, refusal to act, or otherwise. But the legislature may provide, as it sees proper, for the appointment or election of the other six trustees, if it accepts the donation. And I do hereby request the seven trustees above named, or such of them as may be living, or may be willing to act, to meet as soon after my death as practicable, and organize, and at once to fill all vacancies that may have occurred, and to exert themselves to effectuate my purposes as herein set forth, and I hereby instruct my executor to notify them of their appointment herein as soon after my death as practicable. The name of this institution shall be the "Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina."

Current Board of Trustees

David H. Wilkins
John N. (Nicky) McCarter Jr.
David E. Dukes
Leon J. (Bill) Hendrix Jr.
Ronald D. (Ronnie) Lee
Louis B. Lynn
Patricia H. McAbee
E. Smyth McKissick III
Robert L. Peeler
Mark S. Richardson
William C. Smith Jr.
Joseph D. Swann
Kim Wilkerson

FCC License

WSBF-FM, the Clemson University student radio station, is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to the Board of Trustees.

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