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There have been a number of houses in Clemson that put on house shows throughout the years. These houses and shows were often affiliated with WSBF.

The Eagles Nest (aka the Sunbrain House)

The Compound (1996-2003)

The Hunting Lodge (2002-2003)

Harry Pussy Pirate Palace (2003-2004)

Cedar Hood (2004-2006)

Workboy Mansion (2005-2006)

The Workboy Mansion was a three bedroom house located at 112 Cambridge Dr, Clemson, SC, and inhabited by John Nielson, Drew Carlisle, and Grant Patrick from Summer 2005 to Summer 2006. It was the host of two house shows as well as the practice space for Heart Monster, Puffin, and GoodE J vs. NielTown. It is also officially listed as the studio where the bulk of Puffin's material was recorded.

Ghetto Fortress (Cam's pre-SnakePit) (2005-2006)

The Rooplex (2006-20012)

The Snake Pit (2007-2008)

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Deaf Yeti (2009-2010)

Shenanagans (2009-2010)

Sealab (2011)

The Launchpad (2012)

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