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The most ppular sandwich was the Vesuvian, not Versuvian, named after the infamous Italian volcano. There was also a Chanelo's Pizza in Boone, North Carolina. One of the original slogans was, "Had a piece lately?" There was also a special promotion, one weeknight (Tuesday?) a week, that gave the customer one free meat topping when they bought any other two meat toppings. The slogan used for that promotion was "The 'You can't beat our meat' special." That slogan was discarded when Herb Channell became friends with a local minister. Chanelo's almost put Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza delivery out of business. The pizzas were especially popular with the young children that visited evey summer for he various sports camps at Clemson University. The most famous, and most successful deivery person for years was Erv Poole.

The pizza dough was tossed (slapped) at a counter facing the front windows. On game weekends, small crowds would stand on the sidewalk, watching the pizzamaker tossing and spinning the dough.