January 8

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January 8 in Clemson History

Events on January 8 in Clemson's History

  • 1941: President Emeritus Enoch Walter Sikes dies in Clemson.
  • 1967: The council of the National Collegiate Athletic Association places the University of South Carolina on two years' probation for violations of regulations involving financial aid to athletes. The council cited South Carolina for one infraction involving academic standards and three dealing with financial aid. It said that in September 1965, a prospective student athlete was admitted to the university, contrary to regular published entrance requirements of the institution. The athlete was not identified, but it is assumed the reference was to Mike Grosso, a star basketball player, who was ruled ineligible by the Atlantic Coast Conference. The council cited the violations by South Carolina on financial aid: 1. During the 1965-1966 year, Marvin Bass, the director of athletics and head football coach, provided three student athletes, all ineligible to receive financial aid, with cash, meal tickets and books from sources under his control; 2. During the same period and continuing through the first semester of the 1966-1967 college year, the educational expenses of a student athlete were paid by a corporation upon which the student athlete was neither naturally nor legally dependent; and 3. The financial aid to student athletes was not administered by the university's regular committee or agency responsible for awarding scholarships or grants in aid. The school is prohibited from participating in any post-season football or basketball games, including tournaments. The Gamecocks are also prohibited from participating in any television programming subject to the control of the NCAA, meaning no televised football games. (Source: Associated Press report, Playground Daily News, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Monday, 9 January 1967, Volume 20, Number 269, page 12.)
  • 2007: Students return to campus. The Men's basketball team is ranked 14th in the USA Today/CNN Coaches poll and 17th in the Associated Press poll after starting, 16-0. The Florida Gators upset undefeated Ohio State, 41-14, in the Tostitos Championship Bowl in Tempe, Arizona.
  • 2008: Clemson finishes the 2007 football season ranked 21st in the Associated Press poll and 22nd in the CNN/USA Today coaches poll.

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