Who's Boss?

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"Who's Boss" was the title of an editorial published by The Tiger, Volume 73, Number 23, on April 4, 1980, on page 4.

"Who's Boss?"

Who runs this university anyway?
The logical answer to this question would be President Bill Atchley or the Board of Trustees.
But apparently, Athletic Director Henslee "Bill" McLellan thinks he is the decision-making force at Clemson University. And the fact that he has, since spring break, successfully instituted major campus changes without the knowledge of those affected seems to indicate that he is.
In a move which surprised everyone involved, Coach I. M. Ibrahim's soccer team was relocated from what has been called "the best natural grass soccer field in the South" to an intramural field.
Ibrahim did not find out about the move until it was too late to do anything about it. He s justifiably irate.
The bottom-line reason that this change was railroaded past Ibrahim and all other interested parties is to provide increased parking for high-paying IPTAY members.
For the same reason, the southwest side of Cemetary Hill is being graded-likewise without consultation with students or faculty.
Whether he likes it or not, McLellan is part of the university's administration. And as such, he should be just as committed to communicating with everyone interested in the betterment of Clemson as any other administrator.
Atchley's administration has come under fire in recent weeks for failing to communicate. But following the furor over Dean of Liberal Arts H. Morris Cox's firing, improved communication within the university was promised.
Now, thanks to McLellan, the communication situation is regressing rather than progressing.
There are many in the Clemson community who don't appreciate being kept in the dark. They should be consulted.