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The Orange & White was the official publication of IPTAY for over a decade, the Clemson athletic programs booster organization founded in 1934. Begun in 1977 as an independent sports newspaper, The Orange & White was acquired about three or four years later by IPTAY, becoming the house publication. Maintaining an advertising office in Anderson, South Carolina, the paper does not occupy its own offices, as such, with the staff operating out of their own homes.

The O & W is published weekly from mid-August through the first week of March. It is bi-monthly in April and May, and monthly in June and July. It is published exclusively for donors to the IPTAY Scholarship Fund with a minimum priority contribution of $140.

In addition to the actual sports coverage, one fun feature of the newspaper is the publication of submitted photos from Clemson fans displaying the school colors and logos in all corners of the globe.


Editor and Publisher - Phil Batson; Associate Editor - Kerry Capps; Photo / Copy Editor - Mark Crammer; Advertising - Tara S. Johnson; Contributing - Dale Capps, Eddie Cliffe, Cobb Oxford

Contact information

IPTAY / Orange & White P.O. Box 1529 Clemson, S.C. 29633

To receive The Orange & White - 864-656-2115

To advertise in The Orange & White - 864-260-1289