Lightsey Bridge Apartments

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General Info

Typical Lightsey Bridge apartment building (photo courtesy Clemson University)

Lightsey Bridge apartments are located next to the R1 parking lot with access from Perimeter Road. There are a total of 10 buildings in this apartment community, with each building housing between 45 and 72 residents. Typically, there are four residents per apartment, with two people sharing a room, and all four residents sharing a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The laundry facilities and study rooms are located in the commons building and are shared with Lightsey II.

Lightsey Bridge

Access to campus is via the Lightsey Bridge, located diagonally to the Hendrix Center, at the intersection of Cherry Road.

The first Lightsey Bridge architectural and engineering contract was awarded to Craig, Gaulden and Davis Inc. (CGD) of Greenville, South Carolina. Occupancy was scheduled for August 1991. ("News Front", Clemson World, Spring 1990, Volume 43, Number 1, page 8.)

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