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  • 1899: Stand-out four-year Clemson football player Alonzo Sheck Shealy graduates. After two years as a player at Iowa State, he will be hired as John Heisman's replacement in 1904, the only Clemson grad ever to serve as head football coach.
  • 1928: Clemson's first All-American is named as football center O.K. Pressley is rostered on the national Third Team by the Newspaper Enterprise Association.
  • 1935: In its first year of existence, IPTAY has recruited 185 members at ten dollars apiece.
  • 1939: Construction begins on the outdoor theatre.
  • 1956: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reluctantly suspends construction on the dam project while water diversion proposals are studied. A proposal for diversionary dam locations published in the December 1956 issue of Clemson Topics, (Volume I, No. 3), shows three, one of which is just north of, and parallel to the Southern Railway Seneca River trestle. This one is never erected.
  • 1956: The Clemson football team finishes the 1956 season with a 19th place ranking in the Associated Press poll, but none in the United Press International top twenty.
  • Late December, 1958: Tiger Band travels from the Clemson depot to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl on the Southern Railway.
  • 1960: New Winn-Dixie store opens at bottom of hill on College Avenue.
  • 1979: Walter Cox, dean of student affairs, announces that he is cancelling all future rock concerts at Clemson in light of a handful of drug arrests and minor bathroom vandalism at the Kansas concert in Littlejohn Coliseum on November 3.
  • 2005 - The Clemson Newsstand closes after the death of its founder Stephen M. Gregg in January 2005. Lightning strikes WSBF's transmission tower, damaging the transmission line. It will fail during the winter freeze. The School of Nursing is re-accredited in 1998 by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) through December 2005.

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