Cocky Burn

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Cocky Burn is the name for the Gamecock Funeral that has been a Clemson tradition since at least the 1930s. Officiated over for many decades by former head cheerleader Frank Burdick "Gator" Farr, the annual pep rally before the match with arch-rival, the University of Stupid Chickens, was a highlight of the Tigers' football season. The hey-day years were to last into the 1980s when rowdy capacity crowds filled the Amphitheatre (frequently leaving broken plank seating in the wake) for the carrying in of the casket and the solemn sermon. A procession to various locations on campus would then ensue for the bonfire and immolation of the Gamecock effigy.

Sadly, this grand tradition has shrunk to a sideshow for basketball games, with Cocky being torched in a 50-gallon trashcan on the lawn of Littlejohn Coliseum and the singing of the Unhymnal South Carolina Alma Mater and Fightsong by Alumni Band members actually being shushed. My word.

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