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This page is a record of articles featured on the Main Page of ClemsonWiki. Articles are featured on the Main Page by creating a subpage of ClemsonWiki:Currently Featured Article, and transclusing the subpage into ClemsonWiki:Currently Featured Article. Articles are rotated on an uneven schedule, but they should be featured for at least a week.

If you would like to propose an article to be featured on the Main Page, feel free to propose it on the Talk page.

Article Featuring Schedule

Week of April 1 2006

Week of April 8 2006

Week of April 15 2006

Week of April 22 2006

Week of April 29 2006

Week(s) of June 1 2006

  • WSBF 88.1 (check if it was originally featured on old main page)

Week of June 16 2006

Week of November 19 2006