August 15

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August 15 in Clemson History

  • 1945: Victory in the Pacific Day (V-P Day) (or Victory over Japan Day, V-J day), the celebration of the Surrender of Japan, which is initially announced on August 15, 1945 (August 14 North American date), ending combat in the Second World War. A formal Surrender is signed on the deck of the battleship USS Missouri on September 2. In Japan, the day is known as Shuusen-kinenbi, which literally means the "Memorial day for the end of the war". This is commemorated as Liberation Day in Korea and some other nations.
  • August 13-August 18, 1951: Farmers' Week Exhibition held on Bowman Field.
  • 1984: From the January 1985 issue of the Clemson World: It's the number one defense vs. the number one offense...third and goal from the three...and quarterback Mike Eppley calls Stacey Driver's number. The pint-sized tailback (5'8", 180) surveys the defensive line during a scrimmage in Death Valley and remarks, "Oh hell, this is gonna hurt!"
  • 2009: Walgreen's Drugs opens at the corner of College Avenue and Tiger Boulevard.

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