October 31

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October 31 in Clemson History

  • 1896: Clemson plays its first football game. In a match against Furman in Greenville, the Tigers win, 14-6. It is likely that the team rode Southern Railway passenger service to and from the game.
  • 1901: In the second meeting with Virginia Tech, Clemson is defeated for the first time, 11-17, in a game played in Columbia, South Carolina.
  • 1902: Following future Clemson Coach Bob Williams-led Gamecocks' 6-12 victory over Clemson on October 30, victorious Carolina fans carry a transparency depicting a Gamecock lording it over a defeated Tiger in the Friday Elk's Parade despite having been forbidden to do so by authorities, Clemson cadets are so incensed that they march on the campus after the parade, determined to get satisfaction and destroy the image. A near-riot is avoided by deft negotiations but the severity of the incident causes the cancellation of the Clemson-Carolina match-up for six years.
  • 1907: In a match played at the State Fair in Columbia, Clemson defeats North Carolina, 15-6, evening the series record at 2-2.
  • 1912: The Tigers lose to the Gamecocks in Columbia, 7-22. Clemson leads series, 7-3.
  • 1914: The Tigers down the Citadel, 14-0, in Charleston, South Carolina. Tigers own the series, 6-0.
  • 1962: Acting Secretary of the United Nations U Thant returns from Havana meeting with Cuban Premier Fidel Castro and announces that Major Rudolph Anderson is dead, shot down over Cuba in his Lockheed U-2 by a SAM.
  • 1975: The Buzzard is published as an eight-page edition. Front page headlines "Creeping buildings claim Deadwords" and "Fire department fiddles while Clemmons burns".
  • 1977: Pickens County Circuit Judge John T. Gentry sentences the younger brother in the September 14 student attack case to fifteen years in prison, stating "If I were the victim of this crime, I would want to strap you and your brother in the electric chair and probably pull the switch myself with alacrity." Earlier in October, Gentry had sent the older brother to prison for life plus 45 years, warning him that if the judge had the Law of Israel as a sentencing option he would use it in this case. The injured student, still recovering in Atlanta, will return to school the following semester under a new identity to shield him from undue attention.
  • 1978: Dracula expert Dr. Leonard Wolf speaks in Tillman Auditorium.

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