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January 7 in Clemson History

Events on January 7 in Clemson's History

  • 1916: Newly completed Y. M. C. A. Building opens for the first time. "There were no formal exercises. It had been previously announced that the doors would be opened at four-thirty that afternoon. At the appointed time quite a crowd had gathered. They were met and shown over the building by a reception committee selected from the cadet members of the association. The members of this committee wore simple badges on which was written the word "welcome ". The visitors were shown the main lobby, the reading rooms, ladies' and men's lounging rooms, secret society room, literary society room, auditorium, moving picture booth, bath rooms, swimming pool, bowling alley, fountain and store, cafeteria, kitchen, gymnasium, publication rooms, and cabinet room, and other interesting features of the building. Special music was rendered during this tour. The building is a magnificent four-story structure, built at a cost of $75,000,000." (The Tiger, "New Y. M. C. A. Building Opened", Tuesday 16 January 1916, Volume XI, Number 13, page 1.)
  • 1961: A Saturday morning auto accident between two automobiles on the Anderson highway near Pendleton kills one Clemson student instantly and leaves three others with injuries. William White, a day student from Simpsonville, is killed in the collision. (The Tiger, Friday, 13 January 1961, Volume LIV, Number 14, page 1.)
  • 2007: Women's basketball team hosts Georgia Tech in Littlejohn Coliseum at 2 p.m., but loses, 57-63. Men's tennis team at the Orange Beach Classic, Orange Beach, Alabama.
  • 2008: The Twelve Mile Bridge on Highway 133, north of Pike Road over Lake Hartwell closes for replacement. This is an SCDOT project being managed out of Pickens County SCDOT Office by John Cobb, Resident Construction Engineer. The general contractor for the project is United Contractors, Incorporated from Great Falls, South Carolina. The project is expected to take until July 30, 2008 to complete. (The Community Connection - Clemson's Quarterly Newsletter, "Traffic Changes - Twelve Mile Bridge Closed", First Quarter 2008, page 11.)
  • 2008: January 7-February 1: John Acorn, with special assistance of J.P. Tousignant, presents Collateral Damage, Revolving Chambers, Misguided Missiles, Unknown Men, Stained Windows, Fifty Pistols, Fish Heads and More at the Department of Art, Lee Gallery. On January 25 a gallery tour with the artist takes place, 4-5 p.m., with a Friends of the Center for Visual Arts party and exhibition reception, 5-7 p.m.

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