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Chanelo's Pizza was a dine-in parlor located between Tiger Town Tavern and Mr. Knickerbockers that also included a game room. This had previously been the location of Harper's Store. The eatery was known locally for it's on-campus delivery service. One of it's more requested sandwiches was called the Vesuvian. It consisted of a freshly made sub roll with an elongated ground beef patty covered in shredded lettuce, tomato, mayo, and mustard. It was opened in the winter of 1975 by Herb Channell, who closed the Clemson store in the early 90's when he began having health problems. He was the original founder of Chanelo's Pizza, which began in California. Mr. Channell has planted Chanelo's in California, Tallahassee, and Ohio. His daughter operated a Chanelo's in Pickens, South Carolina using the same family recipes. The Chanelo's of Pickens was open from February of 2000 to approximately 2011. Herb's store slogan was "Nothing Beatsa Chanelo's Pizza". In the late 1970's, another slogan, "Had a piece lately?" was used until Mr. Channell's "religious revival" convinced him to change it to "Had a pizza lately?" Yet another sophomoric slogan was used to market a Tuesday night special aimed at increasing sales. The promotion gave the customer one free extra meat topping for each meat topping they purchased at regular price. It was marketed as the "You Can't Beat Our Meat Special!" A new Chanelo's location reopened on Highway 93 in 2006, but closed a year later due to the economic downturn and an embezzling non-family-member store manager. It later became Tony's Pizza and Subs, a restaurant not affliated with Chanelo's Pizza.

Herb Channell's daughter, Kim Phillips, and her husband, Henry Phillips, own and operated the Chanelo's in Pickens which was closed on Mondays. As of December 2013 it operates as Main Street Pizza.

Its hours of operations were: Tuesday-Thursday 4pm-10pm Friday & Saturday 4pm-11pm Sunday 4pm-10pm


Chanelo's Pizza was the first restaurant in Clemson to offer delivery services to the Clemson Campus.


Original location

Chanelo's Pizza
107 College Avenue
Clemson, South Carolina 29631

Second Location

Chanelo's Pizza
213-A West Main Street
Pickens, South Carolina 29671

Third location

Chanelo's Pizza
500 Old Greenville Highway
Clemson, South Carolina 29631
  • There were also franchises located in Auburn, Alabama, and Boone, North Carolina.