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1950 in Clemson history

  • McAdams Hall is completed.
  • The University Lutheran Church on Sloan Street in downtown Clemson is founded as a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  • The Clemson Alumni Corporation creates a three member committee to report on the possible impact of the proposed Hartwell Dam project on Clemson College. Committee Chairman, Dr. Cecil Latta Reid (Class of 1902), publishes the softcover report under his own name, The TRUTH About Hartwell, criticizing the project, which he feels represents larger issues of the era.
  • Douthit Hills university family housing complex is constructed.
  • The United Press International Coaches poll debuts.
  • May 11: The Tiger newspaper reported that Tiger Brotherhood had named Mrs. M.E. Dyess as Clemson's Mother of the Year. Mrs. Dyess is the mother of Medal of Honor recipient, LTC Jimmie Dyess, Clemson Class of '31.
  • September 23: Home opener, night game. Clemson 54, Presbyterian 0.
  • September 30: Road trip to Missouri, Clemson rules, 34-0.
  • October 2: The first "Peanuts" cartoon by Charles M. Schulz runs in newspapers.
  • October 7: The eighteenth-ranked Tigers host the Wolf Pack in a night game, third shut-out in a row, 27-0.
  • October 19: Twelfth-ranked Tigers wrassle unranked Gamecocks to a 14-14 tie in the Old Same Place.
  • October 28: Sixteenth-ranked Tigers take on the seventeenth-ranked Demon Deacons up yonder, ekeing out a one-point win, 13-12.
  • November 1: The Clemson House hotel opens for business.
  • November 4: Fourteenth-ranked Tigers host Duquesne. It's ugly - 53-20. Duquesne will have a 2-6-1 season.
  • November 11: Clemson, ranked thirteenth, meets Boston College on Braves Field, and wins , 35-14. BC suffers indignity of 0-9-1 season record.
  • November 18: Eleventh-ranked Clemson squad dominates Furman, 57-2, in Memorial Stadium.
  • November 25: E-Z win, 41-0, for eleventh-ranked Clemson over pitiful Auburn, who go 0-10! And we go to the Plains of Alabama to paddle our Tiger cousins!
  • Clemson ends the football season ranked tenth in the Associated Press poll and twelfth in the United Press International poll.

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