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Darla Dee Moore (born August 1, 1954, Lake City, South Carolina) is a partner of the private investment firm Rainwater, Inc, and is married to Richard Rainwater, who founded the firm.

She is a pioneering woman in the banking industry and a benefactor to many institutions in her home state of South Carolina.

[edit] Biography

Moore was born to Eugene and Loraine Moore in Lake City, South Carolina. She graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1975 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. After school, she worked for the Republican National Committee in Washington, DC.

In 1981, Moore received an MBA from George Washington University and joined other MBAs at the Chemical Bank’s training program. During the 1980s, Moore made a name for herself by taking over companies in bankruptcy and making them profitable. By the early 1990s, she was the highest-paid woman in banking.

In 1991, Moore married Richard Rainwater. She was named president of Rainwater, Inc, in 1993. Fortune Magazine named Moore one of the 50 Most Powerful Women In Business in 1998<ref>Ranking The 50 Most Powerful Women FORTUNE'S FIRST ANNUAL LOOK AT THE WOMEN WHO MOST INFLUENCE CORPORATE AMERICA</ref> and 1999. Moore is credited with increasing the Rainwater family fortune and also dismissing future Florida Governor Rick Scott from Columbia/HCA when a medicare related scandal broke. Scott and Mr. Rainwater were partners in the Texas Rangers baseball team with Texas Governor George W. Bush. Another top executive with Columbia/HCA was the brother of Tennessee Senator Frist. See the September 8, 1997 issue of Fortune magazine.<ref>Don't Mess With Darla...</ref>

Moore and her husband spend most of their time in Lake City in a house built on a plantation that has been in the Moore family for six generations. The couple also owns homes in New York City, Folsom, California and Charleston, South Carolina.

In 2011, Gov. Nikki Haley removed Darla Moore from the University of South Carolina board. Moore was replaced with Tommy Cofield.<ref>Logan Smith, Haley donor replaces Darla Moore on USC Board of Trustees, WISTV</ref> Here is a link to an addtional article on timeline of the decision to replace Moore with a survey of opinion about the matter.<ref> http://www.thestate.com/2011/04/21/1786866/moore-firestorm-blindsided-haley.html </ref>

[edit] Philanthropy

Moore has given many gifts to institutions that benefit the public. Some of her gifts include:

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